Powerful Foods For Females

The best foods for women of any age are as follows:

  • Keep your bones strong by eating PARMESAN CHEESE:

Parmesan cheese, being a dairy product, contains adequate amounts of calcium which is important for your bone health. In fact, calcium is also present in larger amounts in other dairy products like milk, yogurt and so but consuming parmesan instead of other dairy items will get you away from boredom.

  • Support your immunity by consuming APPLES:

Apple is high in an antioxidant called quercetin, which is proved to be beneficial for raising your immune-competency against certain diseases.

  • Increase your iron store by consuming LENTILS:

Lentils are naturally low in calories yet fulfill 30% of the daily iron’s need of your body. If you do not have enough iron store, you will have to suffer from anemia which is a deficiency of blood cells due to lack of iron.

  • Stay away from wrinkles with BROCCOLI:

Frequent consumption of broccoli provides you with larger amounts of vitamin C which help formulate collagen which is a protein responsible for firmness in your skin.

  • Have healthy carbohydrates by eating POTATOES:

Adding one medium sized Potato with its skin provides you with such a compound that fights against fat called resistant starch. Thus, it assists you to manage your body weight.

  • The super-rich SPINACH:

The reason we called spinach a super-rich is that it has higher amounts of vitamin K and fairer amounts of minerals like magnesium and calcium. Such combination is helpful in slowing bone breakdown that happens due to aging. Likewise, spinach also has folate in it which is useful for the prevention of defects occurred during birth.

  • Say goodbye to stress and stay away from disease by adding DARK CHOCOLATE to your diet:

Cortisol is a hormone that causes stress. It leads to an impermanent rise in your blood pressure which tends towards higher risk of stress, heart disease, and obesity.  The lesser release of cortisol can be made possible by eating one and a half ounce of dark chocolate daily.

  • Fight away cancer by having MUSHROOMS:

Consuming a few mushrooms on a regular basis keeps you away from having breast cancer.

  • Compete with the heart disease with the help of SARDINES:

Sardine contains an adequate amount of essential fatty acids e.g. omega-3. Omega-3 fat reduces inflammation thus preventing your arteries from being blocked. Furthermore, they also keep you away from strokes and heart attacks by keeping your blood vessel smooth and flexible and by avoiding the production of blood clots.

  • Have a flat belly by including AVOCADOS to your diet:

Avocados contain monounsaturated fat. Such fats are found to be helpful in the reduction of weight and keep your belly flat.

  • BELL PEPPERS saves you from eye damage:

For strengthening your vision of eye for over longer period consume bell peppers. These are rich in nutrients like vitamin C, lutein and zeaxanthin which play a significant role in keeping your eyes sharp and preventing them from cataracts that can happen due to aging.

  • Energize yourself with WHOLE-GRAIN PASTA:

Whole-grain pasta has higher amounts of B vitamins, which aids your body to transform food into energy. Moreover, it gives you feeling of fullness and satisfy your hunger.

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